12 Best Prop Trading Firms For Forex 2021: A Trader's Perspective (2024)

In the world of prop trading firms, you will find that the majority of them do forex trading, as opposed to other types of trading.

So, which one do you choose if all of them offer the same thing?

Well, I searched the market (and tried some of the market) to find you the absolute best prop trading firms for forex. Hopefully, this will help you make a decision.

Before we get started, let’s take see a brief overview of what the top 5 of these have to offer.

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5 Best Prop Trading Firms For Forex Overview

Prop FirmFundingProfit SplitFees
TopStep Trader$50,000-$500,00080%-100%$165-$275 (Monthly)Open
FTMO$25,00-$2,000,00080%-90%$270-$1,217 (One Time)Open
The5%ers$24,000-$1,280,00050%$265-$840 (One Time)Open
Fidelcrest$5,000-$400,00070%-80%$112-$1,689 (One Time)Open
City Traders Imperium$2,500-$2,000,00050%-70%$131-$782 (One Time)Open

Topstep FX

12 Best Prop Trading Firms For Forex 2021: A Trader's Perspective (1)

Topstep has a reputable background and a really nice program design. You get to keep a high percentage of your profits and even keep 100% on your first $5,000.

They’ve built a lot of lasting and trusting relationships.

This firm is based in Chicago. They have been around since 2012. Their rules are easy to understand and easy to follow. You do pay a monthly fee but you get 80% of your profits after that first $5,000.

Topstep Trader Programs

Topstep offers forex and futures and these are actually what the company is known for. Remember you keep 100% of your first $5,000 and the split begins after that.

TypeFunding AmountMonthly FeeProfit Split

Their Pros

  • 1:100 leverage setup
  • Buying power can be up to $500K
  • You keep 100% of profits on the first $5,000 (80% split after)
  • This company has a solid reputation
  • The challenge rules are pretty simple and easy to follow
  • Their platforms are geared towards forex and futures.

Their Cons

  • Their rules can be a little bit strict but they are easy to understand
  • No weekend holding allowed
  • The evaluation process can take a bit of time


12 Best Prop Trading Firms For Forex 2021: A Trader's Perspective (2)

This prop trading firm is located in the Czech Republic. You will be required to pass a 2-step evaluation process as FTMO is geared towards serious traders.

They have some strict rules to follow but they are a highly-rated firm. They have funded accounts up to $200,000 and have a really nice support system for traders as well.

This company takes on all of the risk once you get funded, which means you have 0 risk after approval. They do have a fast-track evaluation program that you might qualify for. Their profit split is 80-90%

FTMO Programs

The profit splits for FTMO are either 80 or 90%. Their 3 base tiers are 80% and their highest tier is 90%. Either way, it’s a pretty good split.

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit Split

Their Pros

  • Highly reputable forex prop trading firm
  • Phenomenal supporting tools and resources
  • Secure 2-step evaluation process
  • Set up for serious traders to be successful
  • A minimum of 80% profit split, with the ability to get up to 90%
  • 0 risk to the trader once they’re funded

Their Cons

  • Their evaluation criteria is fairly strict since it’s geared towards serious traders
  • Finding information on their site is a challenge

The 5%ers

12 Best Prop Trading Firms For Forex 2021: A Trader's Perspective (3)

The5%ers’ name is due to the fact that they are funding the top 5% of traders on the market.

This alone should tell you a little something about the company. They have some awesome resources and tools and their reputation is excellent as well.

With funding limits as high as $1.28 million, you really have endless options for success. They use a 50% profit split and that is straight across the board, regardless of your levels.

Funding limits start out smaller but you have the ability to double them every time you reach a milestone.

A serious trader will have no problem excelling here.

The 5%ers Programs

The 5ers programs are relatively easy to break down. They have both low-risk and aggressive plans with several starting levels. Each program has a one-time fee and a 50% profit split.

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit Split
Low Risk$24,000$26550%
Low Risk$40,000$43450%
Low Risk$80,000$84050%

Their Pros

  • You have choices for entry and moving up
  • The company has a stellar reputation
  • They are known for supporting the top 5% of traders (hence the name)
  • While funding may start lower, you can double it each time you hit a milestone
  • Maximum funding is $1.28 million
  • The breakout of terms, targets, and profits is easy to understand

Their Cons

  • They can improve on their education resources but perhaps they assume the top traders won’t need as many resources
  • When you compare the profit split to competitors, it’s a little low

Fidel Crest

12 Best Prop Trading Firms For Forex 2021: A Trader's Perspective (4)

If you want a company that requires a challenge but you don’t want it overly complicated, Fidel Crest uses a 1-step challenge process and it’s just the right amount of challenge and passable, from what customers are saying.

If you pass, you can get initial buying power up to $400,000.The profit split depends on which program you choose.

Normal risk programs have 70% profit splits and aggressive programs have an 80% profit split. Both of these are decent and some of the high ones out there.

New traders do start with lower funding but they do have high funding limits and a good profit turnaround.

Fidelcrest Programs

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit Split
MicroFX Normal$5,000$11270%
MicroFX Normal$10,000$16870%
MicroFX Normal$20,000$22570%
MicroFX Aggressive$5,000$11280%
MicroFX Aggressive$10,000$16880%
MicroFX Aggressive$20,000$22580%
ProFX Normal$50,000$39570%
ProFX Normal$100,000$61970%
ProFX Normal$200,000$95770%
ProFX Normal$400,000$1,68970%
ProFX Aggressive$50,000$61980%
ProFX Aggressive$100,000$90080%
ProFX Aggressive$200,000$1,57680%

Their Pros

  • Profit split is either 70 or 80%, which is pretty decent
  • 1:100 leverage setup
  • Initial funding can go as high as $500K
  • A lot of account options available
  • No monthly subscriptions, just your initial evaluation fee
  • 1-step evaluation process

Their Cons

  • They don’t have the best reviews
  • While you are in the verification stage, your profits are significantly less

City Traders Imperium

12 Best Prop Trading Firms For Forex 2021: A Trader's Perspective (5)

This London-based program is geared towards forex training. They have options that start small and options that get really large.

All of their plans are scaling plans so forex trading can be low at $20K or up to $2 million if you are constantly hitting milestones.

This company is also commonly known as CTI. Their rules are fairly relaxed and their site is packed with training resources. You also have a year to pass your initial challenge.

City Traders Imperium Programs

CTI plans are scaling plans. You have a starting point on the scale and the split also scales.

On the low point, it’s 50% split, on the highest point, it’s 70%. If you fall anywhere between the highest or the lowest, the profit split is 70%. These are the initial programs.

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit Split
Scaling$2,500£98 ($131)50%-70%
Scaling$5,000£180 ($240)50%-70%
Scaling$10,000£341 ($456)50%-70%
Scaling$12,500£405 ($541)50%-70%
Scaling$17,500£585 ($782)50%-70%

Their Pros

  • Scaling plans for just about any need or starting point
  • Tons of education resources for traders
  • You can get up to $2 million in funding
  • You have a full year to pass the initial challenge
  • They offer instant funding options
  • The rules are simple but also well-placed

T4T Capital

12 Best Prop Trading Firms For Forex 2021: A Trader's Perspective (6)

T4T Capital is a Forex trading firm designed for growth. While they don’t have an evaluation, they do have a profit target.

The nice thing is they give you unlimited time to reach that target so you still get to work at your own pace.

The rules here can be a little strict but they do have several tools and indicators available and provide you with up to an 80% profit split, which is pretty awesome.

T4T Programs

The profit share is based on the profit you are bringing in. It’s on a tiered level so the higher your profit, the more you get to keep of the profit. Here is the breakout of their programs.

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit Split

Their Pros

  • You receive up to an 80% profit split
  • You have an unlimited timeframe to hit the targets
  • Multiple tools and resources available to you
  • They have a weekly loss limit
  • The practical assessment is a one-time fee with no recurring monthly fees
  • The trading rules and limits are simple to understand

Their Cons

  • The profit split is scalable depending on your profits so you start at a 60% split
  • You do have to pass an assessment based on risk management

Their Cons

  • Their platform choices could be improved since everything is on a scale
  • Up to 70% profit is misleading since you only get that on the highest mark of each scale

Funding Talent

12 Best Prop Trading Firms For Forex 2021: A Trader's Perspective (7)

Funding talent is a forex prop firm that takes a realistic approach to trading. They have realistic rules and a lot of great options to choose from as well.

Their reputation is pretty much flawless when you check out what others are saying about them.

Funding ranges from $25K to $300K and you can choose a flex account or a challenge account. The flex accounts are a bit more challenging for funding. The profit splits range from 75-90%.

Funding Talent Programs

You can choose from either a classic or aggressive flex plan or you can do the challenge plan. The flex plans seem a bit more complicated but overall it’s up to you!

TypeFunding AmountFeesProfit Split
Flex ClassicUnknown ($25K - $300K)$155 One Time + $75 A Month75%
Flex AggressiveUnknown ($25K - $300K)$165 One Time + $75 A Month90%
Flex ChallengeUnknown ($25K - $300K)$155 One Time80%

Their Pros

  • You have options to choose from
  • Profit ranges from 75% to 90%
  • Up to $300K funding
  • The rules are realistic
  • Reputation is excellent

Their Cons

  • The flex plans are somewhat complicated to understand
  • It may take a lot of work to get funding on the flex plans

DT4x Trading

12 Best Prop Trading Firms For Forex 2021: A Trader's Perspective (8)

This forex prop trading firm doesn’t have a challenge or verification process so it’s easier to get into.

They have a decent profit share of 60%. The accounts are budget-friendly and you get a lot of flexibility as well as instant funding and scalable options.

DT4x Programs

All of these programs are scalable.

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit Split

Their Pros

  • 3 programs to choose from for simple options
  • Programs are scalable up to $1.2 million
  • You can get instant funding
  • Affordable account setup
  • No evaluation required
  • 60% profit split across the board

Their Cons

  • While the profit split is consistent, 60% is on the low side
  • No evaluation or challenge is a turn off to some as it means the rules are flexible

My Forex Funds

12 Best Prop Trading Firms For Forex 2021: A Trader's Perspective (9)

This prop trading firm focuses on forex and they are another firm that does not require an evaluation to get in.

Their profit share is 50%. They have several program choices based on your experience level. They do have profit targets but you can meet them on your own time.

My Forex Funds Programs

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit Split
Accelerated Scaling$324,000$9950%
Accelerated Scaling$405,000$24550%
Accelerated Scaling$540,000$48550%
Accelerated Scaling$1,080,000$97050%
Accelerated Scaling$1,350,000$2,45050%

Their Pros

  • You get your registration fee refunded when hitting first target
  • You can reach targets on your own time
  • You can scale up more by choosing the evaluation programs
  • There are no evaluations required for initial entry
  • Instant funding even without a challenge

Their Cons

  • The profit share is only 50%
  • You may have to pass evaluations or challenges to reach the high-scaling levels

Lux Trading

12 Best Prop Trading Firms For Forex 2021: A Trader's Perspective (10)

Lux trading is flexible and reliable. You have profit targets but you have unlimited timeframes to meet those.

They offer a 65% profit split and you can reach scalable funding up to $2.5 million. They even have a unique risk management desk for traders.

Lux Trading Programs

The programs are scalable and you choose the plan based on the number of steps you feel fit your long-term plan. We’ve added the USD equivalent to the listed Euro price.

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit SplitStages
Scaling$5,000£299 ($400)65%7
Scaling$10,000£399 ($533)65%6
Scaling$15,000£499 ($667)65%5

Their Pros

  • Scalable plans with funding up to $2.5 million
  • You can reach profit targets on your own timeline
  • Weekend holding is allowed
  • Unique risk management tool for traders
  • They have an excellent reputation

Their Cons

  • The profit targets are challenging and the profits don’t move with increases
  • The profit split is only 65%, which is on the low side
12 Best Prop Trading Firms For Forex 2021: A Trader's Perspective (2024)


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